Life Beyond School

Our objective

Create lasting habits of hard work in children for success in life beyond school

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Education in India is mandatory for all children from ages six to fourteen and is provided free of charge at public schools. Inspite of significant efforts in expanding access to education, enrolment rates across states in India are not consistent as per Government reports.

According to  According to the Government research, the dropout rate is 4% in primary years (Grades I-IV) and 4% in upper primary years (Grades VI-VIII). Dropout rate dramatically increases to 17% in Secondary years(Grades IX-X).

55% of students study in Government schools in India. Approximately, 60 Million students drop out before 10th grade. Our goal is to improve interest in education among Government School children and build habits of hard work and continuous learning.

Problems of health and Fitness

Life Beyond School focuses on building Habits of Hard work

with 2 focus areas

1. Study after School (a little bit and Every Day)

2. Get Physical activity (A Little Bit and every day)

What do we do?



We encourage and motivate children from Government schools to develop good habits around studies and physical activity beyond the school curriculum. This is possible when these children are offered instructor-led as well as self-paced learning after the scheduled school hours on the school premises. When food is provided after the regular school hours and inspiring interventions are created, it will be possible to excite the children to put in additional effort towards studies and physical activity. When these efforts are sustained over a long time, students develop good habits of hard work, discipline and self-learning beyond school. These habits can go a long way in achieving their dreams. The hope is that with these vital characteristics, children can grow to be confident and competent individuals. Together, we can help make our country a better place.


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