Our Work

Children who don’t perform well in school tend to display a genuine lack of interest in their academics. This could lead them to eventually dropping out of school and become unable to reach their full potential. We encourage children from Govt. schools to spend extra hours in school and supplement their learning. We provide additional assistance at the school premises to complete homework, read, write and speak English. In addition to the language arts, we also aid in improving a student’s math and science skills.  Here are some examples of interventions to improve learning beyond school hours :

      1. Completing School Homework
      2. Show inspiring and fun educational videos and movies 
      3. Reading aloud books and stories
      4.  Writing 
      5. Improving vocabulary 
      6. Self-study  before exams
      7. Improving math skills through games and activities
      8. Physical activity through exercises and fun play

If students perform well and deliver good results, we give them rewards such as stickers, food, clothes, personal items or other gifts. These rewards at various times during the school year can be an incentive to work hard. 

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Children are given easy assignments to give them the happiness when getting an answer correct. It also makes them want to do more.

What do we do ?

To improve students’ interest in studies and to make them work harder, we provide them with additional ¬†coaching with volunteers/partners and inculcate the habit of hard work beyond school hours. When these children work hard, they achieve better grades in their academics. Once these children have tasted success, thirst for success will then motivate them to study harder and maintain their grades in school and a positive cycle will be formed. Similarly we intend to create incentives to improve fitness through physical activities.

Here are some examples of investments we make in our children

    1. Investments towards improving physical fitness
    2. Additional protein (Egg, peanuts) for children after physical activity classes
    3. Incentives for children demonstrating hard work and performance
    4. Volunteer time towards extra-curricular activities such as coding, dance, drama and art.