Technology, Fundraising and Student Engagement

Hi I am Vedanth Nandivada studying in TISB. I am passionate about athletics, technology and community service. I’ve been working on LifeBeyondSchool foundation since June 2020 to help underprivileged children in government schools in both education and fitness. I am thankful to all the NGO’s, schools and the students leaders for all their donations and contributions to helping children cope with online education. I built IndiaExamPrep app to help students in grade 6 to 10 study for CBSE / State board school exams. 


Hi, my name is Krish. I go to TISB and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been coding for the last 4 years and have made websites, games, and more. I truly enjoy learning new concepts, techniques, and different ways to solve real-life problems. Now it’s time for me to spread my knowledge to the underprivileged.

Hi I’m Devansh Mishra, I’m a high-school student studying in TISB as an IB student. My hobbies include playing cricket and chess, and learning about math and physics. Coming from a privileged background, I took up leading the coding club as my imperative duty to give back to society in positive ways.

Creative writing

Hello, My name is Navya Jha. I go to TISB and am currently in the 11th grade. A lot of my free time is spent reading, or finding the next book to read. I take pleasure in all things literature, which is why I volunteered to teach creative writing at LBS.


Hello, My name is Varun Chandra. I go to TISB and am currently in the 11th grade. I enjoy drawing in my free time and appreciating other works of art. So I volunteered to teach art at lbs .


Hi, I am Zahrah. I am in the 11th grade in TISB. I am very passionate about health and wellness which is where my love for Yoga stems. That is why I am volunteering to teach yoga at LBS to spread the joys of yoga with the kids.


Hi, I’m Suhani. I’m 14 years old and I study in 10th grade in TISB. I love English and it was an exciting opportunity to get the chance to teach the underprivileged children English.


Hi I am ananya Agarwal and I am currently a 10th grade student of TISB. I enjoy reading and art and some of my favorite subjects are maths and physics. I am part of the team that will be teaching and helping out the students with maths, in this club.

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Siva Nandivada

Vasavi Lakshmi 

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