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Support a School - 240,000 INR
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Support A slum - 300,000 INR
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Why Donate?


I am Vedanth Nandivada studying 10th grade and am deeply concerned about the detrimental effects of COVID-19 to children’s education as well as health and wellness of marginalised communities.  


 Many a child’s future is being severely impacted due to their “sudden halt” in their learning. These children miss out on their vital education which in turn will only take them backwards in life.  I strongly wish to make a small difference to this very unfortunate situation in their lives. We, at LifeBeyondSchool Foundation have been able to offer help to over 250 children so far.  With your help, we can purchase additional low cost devices with 4G connection that can be shared by multiple children in order to ensure a continuous flow in the education that is rightfully theirs. 



Another way in which your money can help support the marginalised is by providing them with financial aid in order to purchase food and medical supplies.  Currently, India has been facing shockingly large amounts of new cases daily (at over 300K new cases a day) which is the highest number of cases the world has ever seen. This devastating and debilitating disease has been hurting the poor much more than the rich, thus widening the wealth gap. Unlike the affluent citizens of India, the marginalised communities struggle with lack of insurance, loss of income, hunger, inadequate health supplies, increased debt, mental stress and more. This in turn further pushes them into poverty.  As a matter of fact, more than 100 million people are expected to be pushed below the poverty line once the lockdown ends and India’s percentage of citizens in poverty will rise from 60% to 68%. This detrimental issue can be alleviated by providing money to those who need it so as to ensure a decent lifestyle for them. 

Any contributions you can make towards this cause will be highly appreciated.


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Thank you for your generosity 


Yours faithfully,


Vedanth Nandivada


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